The State Energy and Analysis Tool is a powerful clean energy calculator and data resource that brings together a unique combination of data and analytic tools to provide a comprehensive state-level overview of the energy sector and helps identify potential opportunities for a cleaner energy future.  

The tool profiles and compares state energy data, including data related to states' mix of energy generation, emissions, energy production and consumption, energy efficiency policies and spending, electricity prices, and characteristics of states' energy markets. It also enables users to calculate the economic and jobs benefits that could be achieved by capping carbon pollution generated by the power sector in a selected state, and includes analytic features that allow comparison of data among states and to graphically sort states based on chosen criteria.

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A Quick Tour of SEA Tool Features
The Potential Economic Benefits of Capping Carbon Pollution

Among other features, the SEA Tool enables users to analyze the potential economic and jobs benefits a state could gain if it decided to cap carbon pollution in the power sector using a program like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

When calculating these benefits, users may adjust allowance prices, spending and job multipliers, and the allocation of proceeds among potential investments in residential energy efficiency, commercial energy efficiency, and renewable energy to most accurately reflect each state's market history and preferences. Users may also elect to allocate a portion of auction proceeds to their state's general fund.  

The range of inputs used in the tool is based in part on the benefits experienced by RGGI, as reflected in the Analysis Group report, "The Economic Benefits of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative".

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